Join the sapa tour you will be discovered Sa Pa love market is a traditional culture of ethnic Mongolia, Dao in the Lao Cai highlands in particular and the Northwest of our country in general from ancient times . Most ethnic groups such as Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay ... living in Sapa live in the Muong Hoa valley, where the Muong Hoa River originates from small streams from the top of Phan Xi Pang Mountain. Water from the river helps ethnic minorities to cultivate agriculture as well as daily living.

Regular market sessions meet once a week on Sunday morning. The night before (usually Saturday the 7th), young men and women in remote villages come to the front of the market to spend the night together to meet and exchange emotions (usually tug of war, Singing love ...) according to the traditional customs of their own nation. After a night out in the market, many young couples become intimate and see each other in the next market. The following spring, many of whom have become partners for hundreds of years. Perhaps that is why poets in Lao Cai call it SaPa love market.

The word "love market" has come into the understanding of the underworld as a social category of love and marriage. Interpretation is possible, but there is no definitive definition of these two words. Because, called the market, there must be a buy and sell. But the love here is not sold, nobody buy. So, what is the market!

Ironically, lovers come back to the market to make a date. Therefore, can be understood, market Love is a dating place, sent sentiment, there are gestures love takes place in the market according to customary, customary local custom. It is also natural and easy to understand because the market is the focal point, the hub of most cultural activities of the upland people.

From the afternoon, down the street and at the church yard, many women wore red scarves and gorgeous embroidered costumes, along with silver rings, silver buckles and small coins on their shoulders. More intriguing is the ringing in each footstep, from the beautiful copper beads clamped on the headscarves. Their object is the Dao boys dressed in Cham, scarves of the same color, watch hands and shoulders wearing a cassette. At one corner, a group of seven boys squeezed around a girl, who put their catssettees near the girl to record the songs of love in ethnic languages. Seeing a stranger, the girl shamelessly bowed or covered her face, but still sang with trembling melody. Any visitor to the sapa tour can not forget the interesting moments of Sapa love market.

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